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Say what you want about Chris Matthews, but he doesn't let people get away with talking BS and has a sense of humor as well. Very handsome and has a very proper Anchor-vibe, but doesn't come across as particularly innovative, clever or intellectual like some others. She actually pushes back on her guests when they're peddling bullshit and she flat out calls them out on it.Only complaint, he can really interrupt people at times without letting them finish the answer to the very question he just asked. It makes for more heated exchanges, but at least she doesn't just sit there blank faced and then proceed to gloss over factual inaccuracies.MSNBC has done a good job bringing them on screen during this election cycle. I think they will all be big stars once this election is over. Kasie Hunt and Kristen Welker are the most pleasant of the ones mentioned. She doesn't act like a sex-in-the-city girl, trying to be a news reporter, like Katy Tur and Hallie Jackson. Jacob Soboroff is okay, but he's annoying, in a hipster kind of way. Just because he's cute.[quote] PLEASE take that newsreader-in-training, the ugly Stephanie Ruhle OFF MSNBC. I have been thinking the same thing ever since they put her on the air after Morning Joe. She wasn't even on the network before that, and all of a sudden she gets a prime morning slot. I don't care for Steve Kornacki as a host or fill-in. Hallie Jackson, Katy Tur, Kasie Hunt, Jacob Soboroff, Kristen Welker... I often can't tell Katy Tur and Hallie Jackson apart, except that Hallie is the nicer one. He's so busy trying to assimilate -think taco truck guy- he's lost any credibility with me.He has meltdowns, he can be funny and at times charming. I love Joy and I'm glad they have finally given her her own show, even if it is one of the weekend morning things. The way she held Trump's feet to the fire over that hacking thing was wonderful The things I would do to Soboroff..... One time I caught him yelling at karen Finney of all people. I'll co-sign you, r48, Scooter Kornacki is practically giddy when the Repubs make a point, he's clearly in their corner.His guests are usually the best thing about the show. I've been hoping they would for a long time - she was always one of their best correspondents. AGAIN for the truly blind and deaf as well as stupid, Kornacki is NOT even handed. He tries to tone down his cheerleading for the Repubs when he subs for Rachel's show. You'd sit through an hour of a host stutter and stammer?I try to like Rachel Maddow since I agree with her politics but I agree with the poster that says she takes 20 minutes to make a 1 minute point. Habit of beating a dead horse on a particular point, as if she thinks the viewer didn't get what she was saying the first or second time.

Joe S used to take part in election night coverage, but has not maybe since 08MSNBC would have put Joe on Presidential coverage back in 2008, but he and Olbermann (who was the star of the network back then) were at all-out war.

Hopefully one of them can force Andrea "Compromised Old Bat" Mitchell into a very late retirement. She is annoying as hell, and she reminds me of that ultra-irritating Kelly Ripa, whom I can't stand to ever watch. Stephanie must be fucking somebody high up in the MSNBC ranks. I wish there was a msg board at MSNBC where I could tell them how I turn to CNN when Stephanie Ruhle comes on. Stephanie Ruhle actually said to a guest during the conventions, "I don't know much about these things, tell me about it..."Joy Reid is indeed a joy. based helicopter pilot who covered the riots in '92. He's not bad at breaking down numbers the numbers and polls (working with electoral maps, etc.), but as a host he's just so flat and seemingly disconnected.

Except that Joy doesn't talk fast - she just talks over people. She never smiles, and she has a very bitchy attitude. I've seen him literally chew out several Democrats when he doesn't like what they have to say.

I see her as the breakout star for this election season.

She doesn't take crap when her guests out and out lie and she doesn't let them get away with it. You really get an idea of her intelligence yet an ability to be "light." Now, no one is perfect, and I will say at times she has.

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